The Two-Way Test of Energy Efficiency

  • Have you been feeling hot upstairs or the air conditioner doesn’t seem to keep up?

  • Is the furnace running all the time and the house still feels cold?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, chances are high that you have been WASTING ENERGY.

Green Energy Audits will help you determine exactly how your home is wasting energy. Here’s our unique Energy Audit process:

Step 1: Home Energy Audit

Our certified energy auditor will help you find out where you can make improvements to lower your energy consumption and enjoy a more consistent even temperature throughout your home.

Step 2: Your Energy Advisor

This is provided free with the energy audit. It will help you understand the audit report, list priorities, sign you up for available rebates, provide a qualified list of contractors and make the best product recommendations. 

Step 3: Choose your Contractor

Meet with contractors to get bids on improvements that are needed.  Discuss the bids with your energy advisor to determine the best proposal to go with.

Step 4:  Start feeling the rewards!

Complete the improvements and start enjoying lower utility bills and more comfortable home. 

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Why Green Energy Audits?

  • We are an independent auditor. (So our energy audit is honest and accurate because we are not here to sell you any additional service.)
  • High regard for honesty and integrity. See point above.
  • You are our highest priority. Like it should be.
  • Our energy audit is one of the most thorough audits in the world. Learn how we do it.
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Proud Receipient of Xcel Energy Rebate Top Producer Award

2015 Top Xcel Energy Rebate Producer Award

Green Energy Audits is proud to accept Xcel’s 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 Top-Producing Trade partner award for energy audits.

Our commitment to excellence and vast knowledge in building science renders us a leader in our field.

If you have ever considered taking a closer look at the efficiency of your home, we would be honored to help you find ways to save energy, increase comfort and create a healthy environment.

Learn More about Xcel Energy Rebates.

Meet Our Certified Energy Auditor

Certified Energy Auditor

Cary Leech is the principal/owner of Green Energy Audits LLC.

BPI-certified building energy analyst specializing in residential energy efficiency.

With over 14 years experience in the residential building industry, you can be confident that you will receive knowledgeable information and quality service.

Cary’s passion and resolve for helping homeowners enhance their environment is the inspiration for the business.

He has already helped hundreds of homeowners feel more comfortable and safer in their own homes while saving a lot of dollars on their energy use. It’s time to get your most accurate and helpful energy audit today.

We serve Boulder and nearby Colorado cities.

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Client Testimonials

“I was very pleased with the whole process.”

Cary of Green Energy Audits was very professional and personable.  He spent his time efficiently and paused to answer any questions I had and explained causes and recommended possible solutions.  I was very pleased with the whole process and the final report which came from EnergySmart/Xcel Audits.  
Don G., Lafayette, United States

“Super thorough audit.”

Super thorough audit. He caught things that I never would have thought about. Great explanations and very knowledgeable. I received my report in 2 days.
Keith P., Louisville, United States

“Great service and well worth the money.”

Great service and well worth the money. Cary, the owner, performed a thorough audit of our home and provided us with a report on his findings. The report details suggested improvements with cost estimates, photos and explanations. The company is not a contractor so there is no cross-selling going on. They just do energy audits but he refers you to an advisor at Xcel Energy (via their Energy Smart program) for follow-up. The Xcel advisor will help you get rebates and find reputable contractors.
Mark K, Boulder, United States

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Let’s make the world a greener place.