The Contractor Affiliate Program will Increase Sales while Building a Network of Related Trades!

The Green Energy Audit Contractor Affiliate Program is designed to put more cash into your pocket by helping you build relationships!

By conducting a third-party comprehensive energy audit to analyze the current health of the home, it not only helps you close the sale of your products and services, it will build a trusting relationship with your client and open doors for lead generation with related trades. Sharing leads with your partners will provide a network of opportunity, creating additional avenues of revenue.

Why Green Energy Audits?

  • Close the Sale!  Use the results of the audit to support your recommendations for products and services. 
  • Up-Sell Opportunities!  Uncover additional energy issues that need to be addressed.
  • Another Foot in the Door!  Creates another face-to-face opportunity with the client.
  • Generate Leads!  Share leads with related trades.
  • Spiff your Sales Staff!  Use the program payback to incentivize your staff.

What the Audit does for Your Client:

  • The infrared photos allow the client to see unseen issues in and around their home.
  • The 20-point inspection helps educate the client about the efficiency of their home and how to improve comfort.
  • The detailed report will help the client make educated decisions to cut costs, improve comfort and create a healthier environment.

How the Contractor Affiliate Program Works:

  1. Create a custom partnership with Green Energy Audits.
  2. Offer your client the Energy Audit at the time of your sales call or home visit.
  3. Schedule your client’s audit on the convenient online appointment system.
  4. Follow up with client at the completion of the audit.
  5. Sell additional services.
  6. Develop a long term trusted relationship with your client by showing you are interested in the overall health of their home.

Contact Cary today to get started and set up a custom program for your business!


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