A certified BPI building analyst will conduct a comprehensive “whole house” assessment of your home. The assessment is an energy and safety evaluation of the home that includes a visual inspection of all energy related measures as well as performance testing of the ventilation and mechanical systems, building tightness, and insulation levels. Following the assessment the energy auditor produces your road map outlining recommended energy efficiency improvements.


The exterior inspection of your home includes evaluating the general condition and construction and checks for any safety issues that may exist. We will be looking at areas such as drainage, soffit vents, foundation, windows and other areas of potential energy loss.  Think of your house as a working system, all the pieces of your home work together to make it run smoothly and efficient.  Let us help you get your home back on track.


During a home energy audit, our inspectors combine blower door testing and infrared scanning with a visual inspection and a comprehensive walk-through of your home. We will be looking for heating and cooling losses, areas that need attention like insulation, air sealing and weather stripping. Also looking at all of your lighting and appliances throughout the house, giving an assessment on their longevity and efficiency.

Once we finish our inspection, we provide a detailed report showing air leakage locations, sealing recommendations, infrared images of suspected problem areas, and a list of other energy efficiency improvements you should consider.  Our service also includes a personal Energy Advisor that will help you review the audit report and help you evaluate what energy improvements you should concentrate on first.  They will help find you available rebates, provide a contractor approved list and help you with product knowledge.  They are here to help you get through the process of making your home more efficient and comfortable.  Let us help you get started to making your home the best it can be…


Imagine having a window in your house that never closes. By conducting the blower door test, we measure your home’s air leaks and determine the size of this “window”. We calculate the Building Airflow Standard for the size of your home and occupancy rate, and compare that to what the actual blower door results tell us in Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM).  We can tell you how much energy you are wasting due to excess air-flow, and what the specific limit are for making your home air tight while maintaining healthy air exchange.

Energy Audit Services


The combustion safety test is an important part of the energy audit. We focus on three main areas: gas leakage, carbon monoxide spillage into your home and the efficiency of your equipment. We will test every exposed gas pipe and fitting to ensure they are sealed properly. We will measure the carbon monoxide flow from your equipment and ensure that it falls within acceptable levels.

Energy audit services


With Infrared thermal-imaging cameras, our energy consultants can graphically display and photograph the insulation levels and cold or hot spots within your walls, ceilings and floors without creating any holes or removing any sheetrock.  You will be amazed when you see a vivid image of where you are missing insulation and what that does for heat loss in the winter or heat gain in the summer.

 Energy audit services    Uninsulated attic hatch is like having a door open to the attic.

Energy audit services   An unsealed rim joist in the crawl space will make the floors above cold.

Energy audit services   Heat coming down walls from the attic, will make the upstairs too hot to sleep.

Your Road Map to an efficient more comfortable home

Home Energy Audit

Step 1 : Find out where you can make improvements to lower your energy consumption and enjoy a more consistent even temperature throughout your home.

Your Energy Advisor

Step 2 :  Provided free with the audit.  Helping you understand the audit report, list priorities, sign you up for available rebates, provide a qualified list of contractors and make product recommendations

Choose your Contractor

Step 3 :  Meet with contractors to get bids on improvements that are needed.  Discuss the bids with your energy advisor to determine the best proposal to go with.

Start feeling the rewards!

Step 4:  Complete the improvements and start enjoying lower utility bills and more comfortable home. 

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