Things you should know about Xcel Energy Colorado Rebates

Energy saving is a task assigned not just for end users or consumers of energy. It is definitely everyone’s business to start conserving energy and optimizing the use of it, and energy companies are absolutely not exempted. Xcel Energy, as described in its website, as a huge natural gas and electric company in the U.S., for years has provided Colorado residents with Xcel Energy Colorado rebates.

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The reason behind the need to save energy should primarily be to help protect the environment and make better use of the planet’s natural resources. However, governments and businesses have made it almost mandatory by offering incentives to those who will follow through with and fulfill such commitment. For example, those who are actively seeking home energy efficiency improvement can look forward to Xcel Energy Colorado rebates and Boulder County sales tax credit. These are, of course, over and on top of the saved costs on utility bills.


Getting the most out of the Xcel Energy rebates program


As part of the company’s commitment to “provide safe, reliable, and affordable service,” Xcel Energy has not wavered in delivering its wide range of energy products to all of its clients while maintaining its competitive pricing and provide better value to its customers.


As highlighted in, one way Xcel Energy adds more value to its customers is by offering Xcel Energy rebates. There are different types of Xcel rebates that residential and business customers can take advantage of. The most popular type of Xcel Energy Colorado rebates is the Energy Star rebates, and for good reason.


Improve home performance with the Xcel Energy’s Energy Star Program


Xcel Energy’s website,, lists the benefits of the Energy Star rebates. Perhaps the best impact of getting one’s home Energy Star verified is that it can reduce energy costs by some 30 percent. Apart from getting Energy Star rebates, certified homes can also look forward to lesser maintenance issues, improved interior air quality, a better resale value, and providing its occupants with comfort without unnecessary, extra energy expenses.


To qualify for Energy Star rebates, new homes must first acquire an Energy Star certification. The first step towards such endeavor begins by simply logging on to and then talking to a residential science resources partner. But in essence, there are different types of Xcel rebates, the choice of which would depend on whether the client is looking for home or commercial building improvement or is shopping around for energy efficient appliances.


The type of Xcel Energy rebates that’s right for either residential or business clients


Other Xcel Energy Colorado rebates for residential clients include evaporative cooling Xcel rebates, ground source heat pumps, heating equipment, high efficiency cooling, home energy audit, home energy squad, home lighting, home performance with Energy Star, HomeSmart appliance repair and replacement, and insulation Xcel Energy rebates.

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Meanwhile, for businesses, there are also a wide variety of types of rebates. There are Xcel Energy rebates for building tune up, new construction, commercial refrigeration efficiency, compressed air efficiency, computer efficiency, custom efficiency, energy analysis, energy design assistance, energy efficient buildings, energy management systems that includes cooling, heating, lighting, and motors; energy at risk financial analysis tool, heating efficiency, interruptible credit option, and lighting efficiency Xcel Energy rebates.


Just how much worth of rebates are we talking about here?

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All of these rebates have specific requirements and set minimum qualifications before one can avail of such program. Some of these rebates’ structure also calls for availing the services of only accredited contractors. But to give an idea, here are the baseline rates for Xcel Energy Colorado rebates. For the air conditioning system, up to 500 dollars. Ground source heat pump can provide a client with up to 300 dollars in Xcel Energy Boulder rebates per ton. Some 100 to 1,000 dollars in rebates can be acquired through the evaporative cooling rebate structure. For the water heater, a client can receive anywhere from 70 to 450 dollars in rebates. Colorado energy rebates for attic or wall insulation, air sealing, and weather stripping can reach up to 20 percent of the project cost. There are also rebates in the form of discounted energy efficient light bulbs straight from the sellers. For those who are considering getting a home energy audit, they might as well consider the 200 dollar rebate as part of their reasons for embarking on their home energy efficiency journey.


What do I need to do to get started?

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Xcel Energy Boulder clients must first assess the kind of energy that Xcel Energy provides for them. Is it natural gas supply? Or electricity? The types of program available to clients will greatly depend on which energy the company provides for them. Once this has been identified, the client can then proceed to getting an in-home energy audit. This is important, as it will be the basis for drafting a home energy efficiency improvement plan. It is through this plan that the client can conclude which Xcel Energy programs will be right for him or her. Next, they will have to carry out the improvement as stipulated in the plan. Xcel Energy will then verify adherence to the requirements of the programs availed, which shall be the basis for the provision and calculation of the rebate.

How will I know what types of program are right for me?


The program that is fit to a client’s needs and requirements will greatly depend on the following considerations:

  • Does the client prefer cash back? If so, there are programs where the client can get cash back by opting for energy saving products.
  • Is improving home comfort the client’s priority? Some of the programs are particularly beneficial to those who are looking at improving the occupants’ comfort in their homes.
  • Is the client looking at going for renewable energy? Preferring to use renewable energy over traditional energy sources can be considered as the single, most effective choice that can improve energy efficiency at home and reduce its emissions and carbon footprint. Clean, renewable energy is definitely much better than fossil fuels that use the planets’ exhaustible resources and adversely affect its overall state.
  • Is the Xcel Boulder client considering getting an accredited contractor? Xcel Energy has a list of approved contractors through its website who are licensed to install equipment and to carry out home improvements.
  • Is account management an issue for the client? Good thing, Xcel Energy also has programs purely dedicated on its billing, payment, and account management processes.


Apart from the rebates and saving on energy costs, what other incentives can I look forward to?

There is a Boulder County sales tax credit for the purchase of energy saving appliances, tools, and equipment that could improve the energy efficiency of a home. The tax credit may reach up to 10 percent of the price tag of the following:

  • Ventilation fan
  • Roof cooling materials
  • Water heater and heat pumps
  • Furnace
  • Energy efficient air conditioning systems
  • Doors and windows
  • Insulating materials

If a client is particularly keen on going for renewable energy, there is Colorado tax refund in doing so. Residential and commercial clients can avail of use and sales tax exemption for renewable energy products, such as:

  • Wind energy systems
  • Solar thermal electric and process heat
  • Solar water and space heat
  • Biomass
  • Geothermal electric


The amount to be refunded can reach up to 35 percent of the unrestricted tax revenues and 15 percent of the installation cost for solar energy systems. The refund will be acquired from the tax revenue collected from sale of solar energy products and systems.


I am sold on the idea of pushing through with ensuring energy efficiency at home. What next?

At this point, it will be hard not to be convinced to start making any home an energy efficient one. The next step would now be to start the process of getting a home energy audit. There are three types to getting a home audited in terms of its energy use and consumption:

  • Home walkthrough. Any residential client can avail of this service from Xcel Energy for 30 dollars. The process involves a thorough inspection of the entire home. Apart from this, the energy bills for the past few months will also be analyzed.
  • Standard audit. For 60 dollars, a residential property owner can avail of the standard audit. This is basically a home walkthrough, with the added activities of a blower door test to check how well the insulation of the home keeps the quality and temperature of the interior air.
  • Standard audit with infrared. This type of audit has a 100 dollar price tag and involves a home walkthrough, a blower door test, and infrared camera scan. The infrared camera scan is carried out in order to assess how much the home is able to keep and maintain air cooling and heating. Not all customers shall avail this type of audit as this is ideal only for residential natural gas customers and homes that makes primary use of electricity as its energy source.

Once the results of the home energy audit come in, the client is now in an informed position to pick out the next steps. Xcel Energy has categorized its programs based on the volume of improvement projects that the home is in need of.

  • If the home will only require selected do it yourself tasks, the client can simply refer to the online instructions and video guides from the Xcel Energy website itself.
  • Individual rebates would be the ideal plan for homes requiring one or two improvement projects.
  • Meanwhile, the Home Performance with Energy Star is the perfect solution to homes needing more than two energy efficiency projects. This program gives clients rebates, some of the means, and professional guidance towards achieving an energy efficient home. There is also free installation for activities involving gas and electricity conservation measures, which is being carried out by Xcel Energy’s Home Energy Squad.

Environmental protection is really a joint effort. This is why government agencies, energy and utility companies, and other businesses offer a lot of perks in the form of tax credits and rebates to those who are serious about doing their part in protecting the planet. A good example of such complementing efforts is the Xcel Energy Boulder County government tandem of rebates and tax credits that rewards efforts of Colorado residents and business owners to improve energy use and also recognize the important choice made by those who prefer renewable energy sources over fossil fuel use. More than the savings on utility bills, the tax credits and the rebates made available to the residents, the real incentive here is being able to use energy more optimally and conscientiously and lessen one’s contribution to pollution.


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