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The quickest, simplest way to optimize your home’s efficiency and set you on the path to lower energy bills and a more comfortable, efficient home.

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Get Started:

1. Give us a call at 303-261-6797 for a free consultation to discuss what issues you are experiencing with your home.  Through a few questions and understanding of your home, we will be able to determine if an energy audit is right for your home.  If we find there is a need to have us come out and conduct an audit, we can schedule an appointment at that time.

2. There are three types of audits that Xcel offers, we have found that the most comprehensive audit is the Blower Door test with Infrared Camera Scan.

The blower door test will tell us how leaky your home is, meaning how much inside air you are exchanging with the outside air each hour.  While the blower door is running, we will walk around together with the infrared camera to show us where those leaks are coming from and where insulation may be missing in the ceiling and exterior walls.

The infrared camera is a powerful tool in understanding how to solve issues, like why the upstairs is hotter/colder than the downstairs, or are your windows/doors really leaky?  These types of issues can be resolved fairly quickly with using the infrared camera.

3. The Blower Door Infrared Camera Audit is the only audit I offer at this time.  It has proven over the years to be the most efficient audit for both cost and thorough understanding of what is actually going on with your home.

4. To make the rebate process easy on you, GEA will carry the rebate for you!  Meaning, at the time of the audit we will deduct the rebate amount of $200 from the total cost of the audit.  Having you sign over the rebate to us, in turn Xcel will send us the rebate directly.

5. If you have any questions or would like to get a quote on your home, please call us at 303-261-6797.  Thanks for your time, we look forward to working with you in making your home more comfortable and energy efficient.

Here’s a sample of Xcel energy rebates in Colorado to give you some ideas:

Xcel Energy rebate sample


Xcel Energy rebate sample 2





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