Xcel Energy Audit

Green Energy Audits in partnership with Xcel Energy  providing a comprehensive energy audit report that uncovers specific information about why your home is using too much energy to heat and cool your home.  The Xcel Energy audit report will outline specific findings and provide recommendations on how to correct the issue.  

Xcel Energy Audits include

  1. A full Energy Assessment of the inside and outside of the home, looking at areas related to energy use, i.e; venting, crawl space, windows, attics, basements, weather stripping and more.
  2. A Blower Door test is conducted to help determine how leaky the house is, how much are you heating and cooling the outside.  This is the most important test we do, this gives us a bench mark on how much air sealing improvements are needed.  Once the air sealing improvements are completed the contractor will perform another blower door test to verify the tightness of the home while maintaining good indoor air quality.
  3. While the blower door is running we will scan the entire home with an Infrared Camera to help us locate the areas that are leaking outside temperatures into the home.  We will also be looking for missing insulation in the ceiling and exterior walls.
  4. As part of the assessment an Combustion Appliance Zone (CAZ) test will be performed on your home.  This health and safety test is done to determine whether your combustion appliances (furnace, boiler, water heater, gas stove) meet the Building Performance Institute’s (BPI) standard for safely venting combustion gases out of the home.  In addition, ambient carbon monoxide was monitored during the assessment and all accessible gas lines were inspected for leaks.
  5. After the audit is completed a full Energy Audit Report will be emailed to you within 5 business days.  This report will outline all the necessary improvements and recommendations that are needed to help make your home more efficient and comfortable all year round.
  6. Included in the Xcel energy audit service is a personal Energy Advisor that will be assigned to you to provide with applicable rebates, incentives, contractors and best practices so you know you’re making educated, smart decisions that are right for your home.

As you see this is a very thorough audit that will give you a roadmap and assistance in helping your home becoming more efficient, comfortable and safe!

Call us today to make an appointment, let us help you have a comfortable, healthy home..